March 22

War Of 1812

William Henry  Harrison led the U.S forces as they defeated a large Native American force.

America’s navy scored victory in the Atlantic.

Ratified the tready  of Ghent on February 18,1815.

On September  19,1813  with  a decisive victory in the Battle of Lake Erie .

First thing the U.S. did was attack  the British colony in Canada .

1812 the United States declared war on United Kingdom.

8,600 British an Canadian  troops were killed from the battle or a diesease.

18,1812  the U.S. decarled war on the U.K.

2nd war of independence .


February 21

The battle of Bennington

The battle happened to tack place on August 16, 1777, it to place in New York. On Great Britons side they lost two hundred-seven out of one thousand four-hundred and seven hundred wounded. On the United States side thirty killed out of two thousand three hundred fifty and forty wounded. British forces had great success in other battles but not this one. They had men bring extra supplies. The militia stared to fall back into the woods. The British commanded devised a grand plan to divide the colonies via a free-way pincer moment. It rained for the next day and a half preventing the battle. Thomas Allen was awoken by a band of Massachusetts minutemen. The Germans and the British lost that battle.