My 5th Grade Year

My favorite thing this year is when Mac jumped on desks and slapped a ruler on the white board. Getting new friends during the year.  When we learned about the decades and about Hitler. This is my last year here in this school until I go to middle school at White Oak.  I’m glad I […]


Dear Ike, I’ve heard you broke out of obedience  school. Please come and get me out too. The warden is looking for you . She has guards looking for you. I heard you’ve saved mrs Larue because she doesn’t usually look both ways. This isn’t luxury here in obedience school .The food here is horrible […]


Instructions   1.Began at the start 2.Roll the dice.Whoever has the greatest number goes first. 3. The number you roll is how many spaces you jump ahead. 4. If you hit a interactive space be sure to do what it says. 5. Whoever makes it to the finish first wins.

Remember The Good Times

My friend Dylan found out he had cancer. They went to Houston to get treatment. I got to visit him in the hospital with my family .  When we got directions to his room we saw he was not there. He was coming down the hall and he said “Hey Coach P-nut.” My dad and […]

Child Labor

It is saying that in  1911 kids had to work in mills and didn’t have enough money to go to school. Some  had to work  cut 12 hour shifts and in those 12 hours they might have a ligament and might have a ligament cut off. They got payed very little amounts of money each […]

War Of 1812

William Henry  Harrison led the U.S forces as they defeated a large Native American force. America’s navy scored victory in the Atlantic. Ratified the tready  of Ghent on February 18,1815. On September  19,1813  with  a decisive victory in the Battle of Lake Erie . First thing the U.S. did was attack  the British colony in […]