February 21

The battle of Bennington

The battle happened to tack place on August 16, 1777, it to place in New York. On Great Britons side they lost two hundred-seven out of one thousand four-hundred and seven hundred wounded. On the United States side thirty killed out of two thousand three hundred fifty and forty wounded. British forces had great success in other battles but not this one. They had men bring extra supplies. The militia stared to fall back into the woods. The British commanded devised a grand plan to divide the colonies via a free-way pincer moment. It rained for the next day and a half preventing the battle. Thomas Allen was awoken by a band of Massachusetts minutemen. The Germans and the British lost that battle.

January 6


My goal that i’m setting for 2017 is to make a b+ or higher on my report card.  One of the things that I want to do is spend more time with my dad. This year I want to learn how to divide decemels. I’m playing baseball and I want to do better than I did last year. My other goal is to make two or more friends this year.

November 8

Kid Who Ran For Presedent

The book is about 12 year  old Judson Moon, he is running  for president. He sold lemonade to raze  money, news reporters dashed over to enter view he was on the news paper. The debate was coming up and he had to prepare. Here was the debate Judson Moon answered questions he answered like a goof and a jerk. Election day was right there he sat in his hotel room watching three channels on the news names of states started coming up. It was all down to California  he pulled it in by a few votes, his mom was so exited.

I liked this book because, not any kids had ever ran for president before. I liked it when we got to see what a debate is like.